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Bonnard, Pierre and Marthe

Bonnard, Pierre and Marthe (2024)

Great Nudity!

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Post-impressionist painter Pierre Bonnard (Vincent Macaigne) meets Marthe de Méligny (Cécile de France) when he passes her on the street and asks her to pose for him. Deeply flattered by this, she, a simple worker at an artificial flower factory, agrees and ends up becoming his muse, inspiring many works of art that end up boosting his career. The two fall in love and eventually leave Paris for a remote country house on the Seine where Marthe can go skinny dipping whenever she wants. Their love begins to wane when Marthe starts to desire more than this bohemian lifestyle, but the arrival of a new muse in the form of an art student named Renée Monchaty (Stacy Martin) spices things up for a bit before ultimately causing a rift between the couple. While their first sexual encounter gets interrupted by an asthma attack, Cécile eventually shows all three Bs while Stacy delivers some phenomenal full frontal. We’re starting to think we may be in the wrong profession!