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The Prince

The Prince (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Chile in the early 1970s is the setting for this story of a hunky Hispanic teenager and him finding himself.  This young man is convicted of the heinous crime of killing his best friend and is sent to the harshest prison in Santiago.  When he gets into prisoner, the frightened and scared young man befriends an O.G. prisoner known as "The Stallion", who takes him under his wing and teaches him the ins and outs of the prison system.  With a central focus on the development of loyalty in a horrible environment that soon turns to affection that then in turn becomes love, The Stallion (Alfredo Castro) soon becomes the obsession of The Prince (Juan Carlos Maldonado), who slips in the role of his lieutenant.  This story is more about the finding of one's sexual identity, wrapped up in a prison flick rife with all the tropes of violent incarceration in South America.  Well, for a movie that sits comfortably in homoeroticism at it's finest, that doesn't mean the ladies can't get involved in the sexy good times too, and we get two exceptional full frontal feasts from a couple of Chilean cuties to get your cucumber uncooled and even a little hot.  Catalina Martin goes full frontal for a forrest missionary fuck session and she's just about as scalding hot as they come.  We also get a certified MILF melting the celluloid when Paola Volpato strips down in from of the titular Prince, who then gives her a rough dick down in the bed shortly there after.  Definitely a good look at sexual identity with some solid strip downs along the way!