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Aviva (2020)

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A dance movie so "Meta" that it not only refers to itself as a "dance movie" but also calls out the sheer insane amount of nudity from the actors and actresses in it, who also recognize they are not actors and actresses, but dancers who are trying to act in the film!  Did that just wrinkle your brain a bit?  Us too!  This indie arthouse flick follows a couple, Aviva (Zina Zinchenko & Or Schraiber) and Eden (Bobbi Jene Smith & Tyler Phillips), jumbling the story line between both the male and female side of their personalities as they court each other in a long distance relationship, make-up and break-up, get married, and go through the pitfalls of a "normal" relationship.  Both the male and female sides of their personalities have (more or less) an active polyamorous relationship with one another and the circle of friends and co-workers that surround them, but they also have a relationship with each other as well.  As they literally twist and turn through each other's lives with choreographed naked dance numbers, they get VERY meta in the idea of recognizing that they have these other "selves" and their other selves might be better suited at different parts of being in a committed relationship or being separated.  Any way you splice the relationship pie in this overlapping character study, you basically have four super hot people trying to make a go of it in the world of art and the two female leads Zina Zinchenko and Bobbi Jene Smith have absolutely zero hang-ups about being completely naked while they plier, etendre, or glisser their way into your spank bank!  Also, the very sexy Annie Rigney has a tasty little lesbian encounter with the female Eden, while the male Eden does some nipple twisting in a threesome for the ages!