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Rule 34 (2022)

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There's an old adage around the interwebs called Rule 34 (2022) which states “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions." We won't go over the litany of examples that prove it to be very true, but will instead focus on the Brazilian film the meme inspired. Simone (Sol Miranda) is a camgirl in Rio de Janeiro who uses a porn site called Chaturbate to make enough money for law school, in hopes that someday she will become a public defender who focuses on women’s rights and protecting victims of domestic abuse. How respectable! However, once she reaches her goal, she decides to continue to use the site as a way to decompress after spending her days dealing with racism, misogyny, and a patriarchal legal system. Her videos then start to become not only more sexually graphic but also more dangerous as she experiments with things like asphyxiation and knife play in an attempt to feel more control in this world. But all this sex work leads to all sorts of questions Simone struggles with, like if she's feeding into gross fetishes by being a black woman white men like to put in chains, if her well-meaning lawyer friends trying to rescue women from sex work are actually doing good, and if the men who like to be cruel to her online are perpetrating the real life violence she's devoted herself to stopping. Yes, there is a surprising amount of depth in this movie named after a fake internet rule invented by a dude shocked to discover there was Calvin & Hobbes erotica out there. For something a bit less strange, take a look at the skintastic nude debut of the film's star Sol Miranda, who delivers boobs, butt, and shaved beav to tantalize her customers. In the first scene alone, we watch as the busty black babe flicks the bean in front of her laptop screen to the delight of her paying customers. Who wouldn't pay to watch her do some Sol-o sex stuff? Then we see her doing some topless dancing as her tits rack up all sorts of tips! But beyond the dirty stuff she does for cash, her private life is just as sexy, too! Sol has a duo of sapphic scenes with Lorena Comparato and bares her breasts with boyfriend Lucas Andrande, not the mention this trio’s gleesome threesome! When it comes to skin, Rule 34 kinda rules!