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Slalom (2021)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Anyone who has ever played a competitive sport knows that there are coaches that take their job a little too serious.  The ultra competitive types who are ex-champions themselves, expecting results from the kids they coach that are just too much for any teenager to handle.  That is exactly the case when 15 year old, Lyz Lopez (Noée Abita), begins to train with the strict ex-olympian, Fred (Jérémie Renier).  He pushes her to be a champion, no time for school, friends, family, or fun, her life is now competitive skiing.  He even weighs her every day, checks her body fat levels, and adjusts her diet to put on muscle mass, but this older married man also has bad intentions for this young hopeful girl who he regularly gets down to her undies.  He wouldn't be a terrible toxic coach if he didn't keep pushing the limits of what he can get away with now that he has a star pupil, training to be a champion, who will do anything he asks her.  One night in the gym, he massages her muscles and that turns into him on top of her, taking her virginity, then telling her to keep it a secret.  It's a tale as old as time, the older and powerful man, manipulating his student to get what he wants by playing her own hopes and dreams against her.  What a scumbag!  While Noée Abita plays a teenager, the real-life actress is in fact in her early 20s and doesn't mind breaking out her boobies for authentically portraying the victim in this one.  Also, coach's wife, played by the marvelous Marie Denarnaud has a quickie bathroom boobie shot.  For our money though, Maïra Schmitt locker room come on to Noée Abita is the showstopper of nude scenes in this French flick, when she pulls down her swimsuit to try and put the moves on!  You'll be waxing your ski-pole to that scene in record time!