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The Crickets Dance

The Crickets Dance (2020)

No Nudity


The Crickets Dance (2020) is a romantic film about a woman named Angie Lawrence who works as a lawyer in the south. Her name is Angie Lawrence and she has recently moved into a large antebellum plantation that she inherited. Once she moves in, she finds an old journal that has a great deal of history about the place as well as mysteries that inspire her to find out who wrote this journal and see if that discovery can give her even more insight into history as well as her future. The journal belonged to a young girl who wrote all of this 150 years ago and it even contains a murder mystery. Angie realizes that helping bring justice to an old mystery might help her and the journal's owner move on from the past into a brighter future. Kristen Renton plays Angie Lawrence and she does not go naked in this film at all. She is too busy reading and doing lawyer things apparently. Leave the sexiness to Katelyn Newberry who plays Emmaline McGrath. Her scene takes place back in time! She steps into the bedroom topless and wearing only a flowy white skirt. As she walks into the dark bedroom where a man is trying to read in peace, we get a piece of her side boob. She then turns him and slips her skirt off, showing us her slim figure. We hope that the lucky guy in bed likes what he sees. So THIS is why The Crickets Dance!