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Amsterdam (2022)

No Nudity

Top Scene


A frenetic film with a massively star-studded cast led by Christian Bale and John David Washington as war buddies who become the prime suspects in the suspicious death of their old Army general. As the two try to discover the truth to clear their names, they uncover something even more diabolical as the plot jumps around in time and space between the present, Manhattan in 1933, how the duo first connected in Amsterdam back in 1918. Along for the ride is Margot Robbie as the military nurse who saved the two men, removing shrapnel from them that she then uses in her art work. She and John David become a couple, who at one point are living in Amsterdam due to the country’s acceptance of interracial relationships, and we see a hint of side boob as she sits in bed next to him as he sleeps. Later, her breasts can barely be contained in a sleeveless dress while holding a purse with a camera. Margot’s ample bosom will have you saying Amster-DAYUM