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The Secrets We Keep

The Secrets We Keep (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Secrets We Keep (2020) is directed by Yuval Adler and takes place in post-WWII America in the late 1950s where a woman is working on rebuilding her relationship and life with her newly returned husband in the suburbs. Things take an insane turn when she kidnaps her husband and tries to get vengeance on her neighbor whom she believes is the German soldier that committed war crimes on her and many other women back in Europe. She sees him and then takes things into her own hands. She punches him in the face to take him off guard and puts him in the trunk of her car. Then he drives him back to her basement where he is held hostage. But is it really him? She insists she recognizes his eyes and his whistle and she is certain that it is him no matter what - even though he insists he was a Swiss citizen who was never a part of the war. This European immigrant woman cannot be convinced otherwise! She is played beautifully by Noomi Rapace who shows her breasts when the soldiers drag her out of bed in her flashback of her war times. First, they tear open her blouse and they then drag her out and into a pile of other naked women. We see her boobs and breasts in a much nicer scene, including a bedroom scene with her husband. What's the secret she's keeping? That Noomi Rapace looks so sexy in the buff.