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Survival Knife

Survival Knife (2016)

Great Nudity!

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Survival Knife (2016) takes place where most horror movies typically end—after the protagonist makes her grand escape. We're filled in on the gruesome backstory, watching many of her friends get brutally murdered in the woods before she's taken to an abandoned steel mill to meet her end as well. She manages to escape by killing her would-be murderer, called the Survivalist, and re-enters normal society—or so she thinks. Unfortunately, whatever violence allowed her to break free from a gruesome fate stuck around and she finds herself compelled to kill more people, including friends. Can she reel it in, or is she the town's next serial killer? We won't ruin the surprise for you, but we will tell you this much: For each and every gory scene, there are just as many boobs. Danielle Donahue plays our protagonist, a stripper who bares her bra and panties more than once, plus Candice Starks, who peels off her clothes in the woods right before becoming the serial killer's next victim. Kaitlyn Schoeb goes full frontal and bares her booty when she steps into the shower, and Melody Joy goes totally nude before being tied to a tree. (Bummer.) Tara Davis isn't topless until her body is discovered, but Chrissy Jenness gives a very lively striptease early on in the film.