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Creature (2011)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Do you like seeing the skin on nubile nymphs — even if they’re being terrorized by a half-man, half alligator creature? So do we. That’s why we give thumbs (and another part of the anatomy) up for the humorous horror flick Creature (2011) — not to be confused with sci-fi pic Creature (1985) or the Spanish drama Creatura (2023). Despite being a critical miss and box office flop, this R-rated movie delivers thrills, chills, and freakishly huge scales. The action begins when a couple of seamen (Aaron Hill, Mehcad Brooks) and their pals Oscar (Dillon Casey), Beth (Amanda Fuller), Emily (Serinda Swan), and Karen (Lauren Schneider) head to the bayou for a camping trip. When they arrive, the locals try to spook them with tales of a monstrous creature called Lockjaw (Daniel Bernhardt), who feeds on human flesh. Of course, the campers ignore this advice which leads to the skinevitable carnage (and skinny-dipping). Ms. Fuller gives us our fill of her adorable apples when she strips down for a lusty lesbo come-on. Needless to say, her peaks will pique your interest! Not to be outdone, Ophelia (Jennifer Lynn Warren) brings the full frontal forbidden fruit and first-class ass when she sheds her threads to take a naked swim. As you can glean, her bare body makes a splash on screen! If that’s not arousing enough, Ms. Schneider provides a proverbial Mardi Gras when she flashes her creamy cans to some lucky locals. In other words, she’ll awaken the Creature in your jeans!