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City of Lust

City of Lust (2013)

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City of Lust (2013), or Yellow as it's known in some releases, is a modern giallo horror film. Arianna (Margaret Grace) thinks that a move to Chicago will help her escape the demons of her past. She takes a job as a cosmetologist, and spends her evenings speaking to a phone sex worker (Jill Oliver). The two decide to meet and hook up in real life, but their relationship soon turns volatile, and when people close to Arianna begin turning up dead, she must figure out if her life is also in danger, or if she is perhaps the killer! The first portion of the film is all tease, giving us some nice looks at Margaret Grace and Jill Oliver in their undies, as well as some heaving cleavage from Shelley Nixon as Arianna's boss! At the 39-minute mark, things get amazing though when Margaret and Jill have a boob and butt baring lesbian encounter, and Margaret bares her breasts again near the end of the film when she drops her slip to get dressed! You may not live in the City of Lust, but with this film in hand, you'll certainly feel like relocating!