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Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012)

Great Nudity!

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An axe-wielding nun returns from the grave to punish the wicked at the Bloody Bible Camp (2012). Seven years ago, the sadistic "Sister Mary Chopper" (Tim Sullivan) hacked up a canoe's worth of campers for defiling the Happy Day Bible Camp with their disgusting hormonal horniness. Only two campers survived, one of whom was the now fully grown Millie (Ivet Corvea). Father Richard Cummings (Reggie Bannister) thinks it's been long enough that the evil nun is probably dead, so he rounds up a new group of randy teens to relaunch the camp. Heaven help them, he's very wrong. Luckily, Millie secretly comes along since she suspects something bad is going to happen, and sure enough instead of just studying bible verses, the camp becomes teens versus the sadistic sister in a battle for survival. Look for the Ron Jeremy cameo as Jesus coming to the priest in a vision. Jesus, that did not age well. This is pretty typical slasher fare, and it just ain't a slasher movie without some tender teenage T&A. In this one, that comes from a couple of comely hotties. Julianne Tura and Elissa Dowling make out with each other, before Elissa prays the gay away and decides to pull down her pants, flash ass, and let a dude take her from behind. Julianna ends up scared straight too, since we see her cans as she rides on top of some nerdy fella, as well as when she flees the scene totally naked but wearing a merkin. Holy moly, that's a nice pair! But the real camp vamp is Jessica Sonneborn, the blonde seductress who teasingly shows her tatas in front of a window where some dudes are peeping, then later while changing into something more comfortable. Bloody Bible Camp will really erect your steeple!