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Skeleton Key 3 Part 2

Brief Nudity

(0:08) Teale Davies wearing a belly-exposing top showing a little cleavage and jean shorts. Cleavage on Mariah Johnson too.(0:11) Monique Dupree sits in a guy’s lap with whipped cream over her breasts which we see from the side. When they are done she goes walking past him and we see her panties partially exposed under her skirt.(0:12) Better cleavage on Teale Davies in the same outfit from earlier.(0:21) Genni Pratt, Jenny Jannetty and (third girl is either Brandy Mason or Amanda Liscouski)sitting in the bathroom in their underwear.(0:22) Teale Davies stands in the shower with her arms over her head leaving her tight top to visibly expose her nipples through them. A hand puppet even wraps his mouth over her right.(0:27) Monique Dupree showing tremendous busty cleavage in lingerie.(0:30) Cleavage on Angela Pritchetti in lingerie.(0:31) GLASSES begins grabbing the cleavage on Genni Pratt. Then Jenny Jannetty in her bra and panties begins attacking a guy. (GLASSES is either Brandy Mason again or Amanda Liscouski)(0:34) Teale Davies walking down the street in her usual outfit. This time her bra is more prominently exposed in the front.(0:38) Brandy Mason appears with a bandage over her eyes and face with her breasts exposed as she gets into bed with a guy. He grabs her panties.(0:39) Monique Dupree being screwed from behind showing her prominent pressed cleavage as she tells the guy to put it in her ass. (And yes there are some sound effects.)(0:41) Jenny Jannetty falls down the stairs in her underwear and dies.(0:44) Breasts on Brandy Mason again being screwed then the guy plays patty cake with them. A number of positions follows.(0:44) A montage of different women and their breasts.(0:48) Genni Pratt in a cage in her underwear showing nice cleavage.(0:57) Teale Davies screwing a dude and then having her breasts played with by another guy too.(0:58) Great close inner right cleavage on Teale Davies.(0:58) Genni Pratt and GLASSES in their underwear. (GLASSES is either Brandy Mason or Amanda Liscouski)(0:58) Monique Dupree showing her abundant cleavage again.(1:00) Big cleavage on Elissa Laueras she leans over a guy and then begins screwing him.(1:06) Elissa Lauer pressed breasts on top of guy riding him. Then Monique Dupree shows up with her cleavage and her breasts partially visible. STOMACH TATTOO showing her breasts and then panties as she stands up.(1:12) Genni Pratt in her underwear freaking out.(1:16) Nice cleavage shot on Mariah Johnson as she sits by a table.(1:33) Bebe S. Bellamont jumps onto a guy naked. We see her breasts and some brief buns.(1:49) Genni Pratt, Jenny Jannetty and (third girl is either Brandy Mason or Amanda Liscouski) join the final song walk in their underwear.(1:52) A still shot of Teale Davies having her breasts held by a guy.(1:53) A repeat shot of Monique Dupree putting her lingerie top back on and her breasts are visible.(1:54) More pressed breasts of Elissa Lauer on top of a guy screwing him.


Monique Dupree

Nude - as N/ASexy, breasts, underwear

Jenny Jannetty

Sexy - as N/Aunderwear

Brandy Mason

Nude - as N/Abreasts, underwear

Bebe S. Bellamont

Nude - as N/Abreasts, butt

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