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The Item

The Item (1999)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Action, Horror
  • Directed by: Dan Clark
  • Rated: R
  • Home Release: 11/20/2001
  • Theatrical Release: 01/28/1999
  • Home Release: 04/22/2002
  • Country: USA
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So one day four scumbags meet up with a scientist in the desert in the movie The Item (1999). He tells them that if they deliver some money to him, he’ll give them access to a mysterious item, which is locked in a box. They wind up killing anyone who tries to get close to it, including the professor, and even some members within their group. What’s inside is a little naugahyde slug that has the power to reveal repressed memories to anyone it comes into contact with. At one point the little phallic looking slug comes into contact with the luscious Judy Jean Kwan, and as it stays at the forefront of the shot, Judy’s jugs linger in the background. Luckily she also lies down and we get a better angle to gawk at. I know a few good uses she could use that item for!