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Satan's Cannibal Holocaust

Satan's Cannibal Holocaust (2007)

Great Nudity!


Sheila Thiele is a junior journo working on her first big scoop, but what she's about to dig up is more than a political scandal or a financial scam: She's hot on the trail of Satan's Cannibal Holocaust (2007)! Sheila's daddy is the mayor, and her story starts as a piece of puffery about what a pretty, peaceful place they all inhabit thanks to that wonderful feller she just happens to call father. But the more she looks into things, the more she sees lurking beneath the surface. Deep down in the town catacombs, there are people held captive, being brutalized and food-alized by a bunch of freak cannibals whose love for trouble is about to beelzebubble over. It's mouth-watering mayhem and B-movie brutality that supplies the three B’s along with the sleaze. So what the hell are you waiting for? Satan's Cannibal Holocaust is your kind of gore!