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7 Mummies

7 Mummies (2005)

Great Nudity!

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A group of incarcerated felons tumbles out of their prison van and into the wilds of the western desert in the low-budget horror chiller 7 Mummies (2005). With their busty female guard in tow, the convicts wander in search of a fabled Wild West town that’s rumored to play host to guns, booze, and whores. What they find when they arrive, however, is an army of zombies who don’t take kindly to strangers encroaching on their turf. As the dueling factions prepare to rumble, director Nick Quested decides to take a break from the gore and violence by offering some tasty flesh treats. B-movie bombshell Ananda St. James leads the charge by offering glimpses at her impossibly outsized rack.