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Carver (2008)

Great Nudity!

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The non-stop, blood-sopped festival of carnage titled Carver (2008) claims, as many of the most enjoyably depraved horror movies do, to be based on a true story. If Carver is actually based in real-life events, that means that at some point, somewhere, a group of backpackers accepted work from a guy in a cabin, stumbled on a pile of film canisters, viewed the footage contained therein, and got freaked the fuck out when they discovered it was a stash of snuff movies. Believable? Perhaps. Does it make for a rip-roaring, stunningly gory festival of shocks? Absolutely. In addition to stupefyingly horrific kill scenes, scary-hot Savannah Costello gets naked and Kristyn Green gets sexy, making Carver a deep-impact hit on all manner of viewers' senses. Arising from the twenty-first-century school of savage fright fare on the order of the Saw and Hostel film franchises, Carver is a marvel of modest-budgeted filmmaking that produces maximum impact . . . and skin-pact.