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Redland (2009)

No Nudity

Lucy Adden (0:16) There’s a very brief glimpse of Lucy Adden’s bush as we see her legs change position outside in the forest. We only see her legs and bush.   (0:18) A guy is watching Lucy Adden wash herself outside. We see her left breast from the side and then a hint of bush as she turns a little more to the side. Finally she turns directly towards us and we get a nice, if quick, glance at both her breasts and bush.   (0:24) As Lucy Adden is smacked around by her father, we get a couple glances at her panties as her outfit hikes up during her struggle.   (1:11) A very brief glimpse at Lucy Adden’s right breast in close-up as the bodies of her and her boyfriend are intertwined in the forest. Then a better shot of both as he brushes some dirt off her stomach.   (1:35) We wee a close-up of Lucy Adden’s right breast being pinched and fondled by her father.


Lucy Adden

Nude - as Mary-Annbreasts, bush, right breast, underwear

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