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Prom Night

Prom Night (1980)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Following the frightening success of Halloween (1978), blood-soaked romps named for key events throughout the calendar year came to dominate the horror genre. In 1980 alone, screens ran red with Friday the 13th, Mother's Day, New Year's Evil, and, of particular interest to teenage audiences, Prom Night. Another key component of the early-'80s slasher-flick bonanza is also on hand in the reliably robust form of Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie plays the sister of a little girl who died accidentally during a game of hide-and-seek six years earlier. As the season of tuxedo rentals, pinned corsages, and backseat virgin sacrifices looms, the dead kid's playmates start getting offed by a masked murderer. "If you aren't home by midnight," warned Prom Night's ad campaign, "you won't be coming home!" Regardless of the hour, viewers who check out nude Prom queens Pita Oliver and Mary Beth Rubens will be coming. Plenty. Pita shows off her flawless ass at the 35-minute mark when, on a tennis court, she daintily yanks down her shorts to give a full moon to onlookers. It's impossible to look away! Mary Beth Rubens gets our meat good and hard at the half-hour mark when we see some of her booty crack in a steamy shower scene. A bit later there's a dark scene that shows a bit of her right boob while she and her man make out. This is followed by a touch of the full rack when she stands up. Turn those lights on so we don't miss the show!