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National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

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Decades before there was Old School (2003) or Neighbors (2014), was the movie that launched an entire genre and inspired frat boys everywhere to study the three R's of collegiate life: raunch, retching, and 'rections. We're talking, of course, about the legendary comedy National Lampoon's Animal House (1978). The boys of Delta House are a ragtag crew of party animals who are always on the edge of getting their frat shut down, but don't let that slow their raucous partying. Battling Dean Wormer and the preppy d-bags of Omega House, we get to watch as the boys of Delta House try not to let their frat get disbanded. Starring a 28 year old John Belushi as John "Bluto" Blutarsky in the role that would make him a comedy legend, and a very young Kevin Bacon as the uptight ROTC candidate Chip Diller, the movie didn't just launch a film genre, it changed how frats were viewed forever. Double secret probation, toga parties, Belushi's "College" sweatshirt, the dance to "Shout", tons of moments from the movie have become cultural icons. But if you've never seen the whole thing, you might not know this one's an uproarious T&A masterpiece, featuring all sorts of top notch poon on top of all the lampooning. Among the road trips and six-packs are lots of fleshy two-packs, including a nice fanny flash from a perfectly legal Karen Allen. We'd love to paddle that ass! Or straddle that ass, either way. But that's not all. Lisa Baur flashes her jugs while making out in the car, and Verna Bloom MILFs it up in a corset as the Dean's dirty, coed hunting cougar wife. Martha Smith looks oh so sexy getting stripped to a pink bra when her Jackie O outfit catches the corner of a moving car, and Sarah Hocomb's bombs come out to play in the infamous devil on your shoulder scene, that has truly aged like milk even if those milkers hold up very well. We'd like to get a hold of them! But the best nudity in the movie comes from Mary Louise Weller, the well endowed woman stripping down in front of the window as Bluto looks on from a ladder. We feel all sorts of animal urges seeing her take off the blouse at her sorority house! The standard that every college movie has to try and live up to, we pledge to never stop watching National Lampoon's Animal House