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Memory (2023)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Michel Franco
  • Rated: R
  • Home Release: 01/05/2024
  • Country: Mexico, USA, GB
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Sylvia (Jessica Chastain) is a social worker and single mother to 13-year-old Anna (Brooke Timber), who’s birth seems to have been the driving force behind Sylvia’s sobriety, which we learn about when we see the two of them attending an AA meeting at the start of the film. While attending a high school reunion party with her sister Olivia (Merritt Wever), she’s approached by Saul (Peter Sarsgaard), causing her to storm away. He follows the panicked Sylvia home and ends up sleeping outside her window, in the hole of a tire with a black garbage bag as his blanket as rain pours from the sky. When she finally confronts him, she learns he has dementia, and lives with his brother, Isaac (Josh Charles) and niece, Sara (Elsie Fisher). Sylvia thinks he’s trying to connect with her because deep down he remembers that he and his high school friends used to assault her when she was twelve, but her sister insists the timeline is wrong and his family had already moved away by then. When she goes to apologize for the accusation, she ends up agreeing to care for him in the afternoons. The two become close, and at one point we catch a glimpse of Jessica’s left jug when he joins her in the bathtub. Thanks for the mam-ory, Jessica!