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Marcella (2016-2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Marcella takes a different spin on the kinds of female crime dramas we've gotten used to. This time, our titular character is on the tail end of a ten-year hiatus from her job as a detective on major murder cases. Marcella (Anna Friel) had initially given up her career for her husband and children, but these days her husband has left her and her kids booked it to boarding school. In an attempt to heal from the trauma and the sudden intense boredom she finds herself struggling with, Marcella throws herself back into work, only to find that the latest murderer might be the one she left off with after a few murders very much mirror those of an old serial killer. On top of the psycho slaughtering all sorts of innocent people, over the course of three seasons our girl Marcella deals with custody battles, going undercover in Northern Ireland, chasing child molesters, and all sorts of other issues. Anna Friel plays the eponymous Marcella, who luckily takes a few breaks from solving pressing crimes to bathe, showing her bare boobs in the process. Seeing those suck sacks, we'd love to cop a feel of Friel! Add to that some sex scenes where Marcella is suddenly blonde, a look at her ass as she gets out of bed, her going black and never going back, and more, and you'll realize Marcella is hella hot! But if you'd rather bond with a natural blond, or just a blonde with great naturals, we also get a glimpse of future film star Florence Pugh in nothing but her underwear when she gets out of bed with another woman, and a phenomenal funbag flash when she takes her top off and plays with a knife as a webcam model. With looks at those lovely ladies topless, Marcella sure appeals to a fella!