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Trigonometry (2020)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Trigonometry (2020) is a BBC series from jolly ol' England about a London couple who are having trouble making ends meet in their big city flat that has gotten too expensive to keep up with rent. They then take on a new roommate to help with finances, but things get complicated. The couple starts developing feelings for the new woman who is leasing a room in their flat. Sexy! This series starts to investigate the complex feelings in place of a polyamorous relationship as the three start acting on these feelings and trying to balance what a new, three-part relationship would look like. What starts off as attraction morphs into real, emotionally-bound relationships. Now that's hot! Thalissa Teixeira plays Gemma who is the little sexpot everyone falls for. She has sex with Gary Carr in several scenes that show off her underwear-clad booty and her bare breasts. She has a threesome with Gary and Ariane Labed. Ariane and Thalissa share kisses between just the two of them and also roll around in bed together, baring their beautiful bodies. We get to check out Ariane's ass as well as her breasts in this hot scene. Other sexy babes include Isabella Laughland is a real laugh when she shares lesbian encounters with Ariane in a totally titillating scene. Finally, Anne Consigny checks herself out in the mirror while just wearing her underwear. Check out her midriff! It's clear that the integral part of this math problem is more nudity!