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Leonardo (2021)

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The life and times of Leonardo da Vinci have been dramatized countless times by now but the 2021 series Leonardo comes to us from some of the creative talent behind The Man in the High Castle and Doctor Who, giving us hope that this is a new twist on an old tale. Poldark and The Hobbit star Aidan Turner stars as the famed artist and inventor, with each episode taking a famous work by da Vinci and elaborating on the circumstances that led to its creation. From Mona Lisa to The Vitruvian Man, the stories behind the works of art and invention are often more fascinating than the works themselves. At the center of it all is the mysterious Caterina da Cremona, played by the stunning Matilda De Angelis! Though the character is a fictional creation of the series, she is an amalgamation of several women whom da Vinci knew and loved during his life, consolidated into one woman who served as the muse for some of his finest works. Speaking of fine, Matilda is all that and then some in the show's first two episodes! We first see her looking sexy while posing in an art class, followed by a distant full frontal flash from Matilda when she appears as a winged angel in one of Leonardo's visions! The next episode, we get an encore look at Matilda's mams as she is still sporting wings, but this time is much closer to the camera! Any chance to get closer to Matilda's masterpiece mammaries is one worth taking!