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Nude Roles: 15

Birthplace: Rochdale, Lancashire, ENG

Date of Birth: 07/12/76

AKA: Anna Louise Friel

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After a lot of hard thinking, Mr. Skin thinks the United States and Great Britain should unite via an exchange program for sexy actresses. The U.S. could export an American beauty to star in a skinematic slice of apple hair-pie, and the UK could send a tartlet for a little onscreen Tea & A. Our first import could be British beaut Anna Friel. This Lancashire lovely caused gasps playing a lesbian on the gritty soap Brookside with her coming-out episode making front-page news. Anna was an animal in the Aussie flick The Tribe (1998). Spotting a couple naked blokes in bed, she instantly went starkers, rocking her pretty kitty up and down in a three-way frenzy. (Her shaggy silken slit made an excellent petting zoo.) Anna floated around with Dawson's Creek star Michelle Williams when the two shared a bath in Me Without You (2001). We borrowed Friel for a starring role on the American TV series Pushing Daisies, but seeing how she didn't push any naked parts into the bloom, and we were frustrated. Anna went on a nude tear, showing boobs while soaking in a tub in both The War Bride (2001), Watermelon (2003) and The Look of Love (2013). We’d love a slice of her sweetness! Anna continued to flash her funbags in Niagara Motel (2005), Bathory: Countess of Blood (2008) and London Boulevard (2011). Wow! Anna is a giver, and we’ll take what she’s giving!

In I.T., The Street and Goal II: Living the Dream this little brunette babe lights up the screen in her undies. She teaches us What To Do When Someone Dies in that movie where she is only wearing her bra and undies. So that's what to do: strip to your skivvies. In The Look of Love (2013) this hot little mama goes blond and takes a sudsy bath that shows off her boobs and buns in the tub. Ooolala! In the movie Marcella (2016) she plays the title role and as such a leader, she brings impeccable pokies to the table when she only wears a white tank top and panties. In the series The Girlfriend Experience (2017) she proves what it takes to be a good girlfriend: kissing women! She also lays back naked and tits up on a bed with rock hard nipples that are making us just as hard.


Books of Blood (2020) - as Mary

I.T. (2016) - as Rose Regan

The Look of Love (2013) - as Jean Raymond

Nude, breasts, butt 01:17:03 See some Anna Friel fanny during a photoshoot. Then soapy breasts in a bathtub. Nice bubbles! (30 secs)

London Boulevard (2011) - as Briony Mitchel

Nude, breasts 00:28:00 Anna sits at the dining table with Colin Farrell and slips some left nip. Nice! (32 secs)

Bathory: Countess of Blood (2008) - as Elizabeth Bathory

Nude, breasts, butt 01:09:05 Terrific titlets and tush from Anna as she has a freaky dream. That's a wet dream for us! (30 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt 00:34:09 Milky mounds from Ms. Friel as she poses for an artist. You'll be stroking your paintbrush too! (1 min 47 secs)
Nude, breasts 01:14:07 More bloody boobage from Anna as she attempts to stay young forever. (8 secs)
Nude, butt 00:46:22 Get a gander at Anna's glutes as flowers are painted on her nude form. (7 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:57:14 Ms. Friel's funbags float fetchingly as she bathes in blood. (7 secs)

Goal II: Living the Dream (2007) - as Roz Harmison

Niagara Motel (2005) - as Denise

Nude, breasts 00:26:00 Niagara falls, but your crotch sure won't, when you see Anna lift her shirt to flash her perfect pair to some rowdy dudes at a bar. (6 secs)
Nude, breasts Super fast flash of right side hoot-meat when Anna gets a rude awakening in her motel room. (18 secs)

Watermelon (2003) - as Claire Ryan

Nude, breasts 00:39:00 Anna's man tries to impress her with a fake tattoo while she impresses us with her lovely peaked plonkers in the bathtub. (1 min 20 secs)

Me Without You (2001) - as Marina

Nude, breasts 00:13:00 Friel's left lugnut can be seen as as lies naked in the tub with Michelle Williams. Anna's the hottie on the left. (24 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:39:00 She again shows brief boobage, this time as she gets restless in bed with Kyle MacLachlan. More! (28 secs)

The War Bride (2001) - as Lily

Nude, breasts, bush 00:34:00 As Anna bathes in an old-fashioned tub, we see left breast peekage followed by fast and furry-ous full-frontal when she stands up. (43 secs)

Sunset Strip (2000) - as Tammy Franklin

Nude, breasts 00:28:00 Anna Sunset Strips off her shirt in the car, revealing just a sliver of left side suck-sack. (10 secs)

Mad Cows (1999) - as Maddy

Nude, breasts 00:42:00 Don't get Mad, Cow . . . check out Anna's left udder as she gets milked in bed by her bull. (31 secs)

Rogue Trader (1999) - as Lisa Leeson

Nude, breasts 00:09:00 Anna peels her bananas, and we get to take a bite as she hits the sack for a topless makeout marathon with her man. (18 secs)

The Land Girls (1998) - as Prue (Prudence)

The Stringer (1998) - as Helen

The Tribe (1998) - as Lizzie

TV Shows

Monarch (2022) - as Nicolette 'Nicky' Roman

The Girlfriend Experience (2016-2021) - as Erica Myles

Marcella (2016-2020) - as Marcella Backland

Nude, butt Ep. 02x01 | 00:27:28 Anna lays in bed bottomless with a tank top on, giving us a nice look at her ass when she gets out of bed and walks away! (25 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x01 | 00:44:22 Another look at Anna's breasts as we see her sit up in the tub again, this time from a different angle! (53 secs)
Nude, breasts, sexy Ep. 01x01 | 00:00:05 Anna Friel sits up in a bathtub and we get a quick look at her breasts as she brings her knees up to her chest! (43 secs)

Pushing Daisies (2007-2008) - as Charlotte Charles

Brookside - as beth jordache

Butterfly (2018) - as Vicky

Emmerdale - as Poppy Bruce

G.B.H. - as Susan Nelson

The Jury - as Megan Delaney

Nude, breasts, thong Anna looks sexy in some lingerie and briefly bares her breasts while reacting to cold water in the shower! (2 mins 56 secs)
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