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Gangs of London

Gangs of London (2020-2022)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Gangs of London (2020) is a crime series that comes all the way to us from across the pond, in jolly old London itself (hey, titular city!) where power struggles over street gangs are the central issue in this flashy action series. Some bad blokes from different gangs fight to control territory after one of London's most powerful crime families experiences a huge loss when their boss is suddenly killed. That leaves a huge power vacuum in his wake! That means that his death creates a sudden struggle for territory and power as all of the gangs, from England and beyond, start to fight for power. This is like an international war, but only with mobs! The mob boys are going to spend a lot of time-fighting, getting guns, plotting, and killing each other. That's a given in any story that focuses on mobsters. The difference here is that they also take the time to show us some beautiful babes. In one night-time hookup scene, curly-haired British cutie Pippa Bennett-Warner takes off her shirt as she makes out with a married lover. The two of them continue kissing in front of a huge window that shows off the glittering city lights behind them. While they kiss, we can see the view...the view of Pippa's bra. Pippa will make your pants peppy when you check out her cleavage in her white bra. The gangs of London fight over territory, but we'd fight over more tit-ory!