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Maid Droid

Maid Droid (2023)

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A dangerous sociopath named Harrison (Jose Adam Alvarez) gets a second chance at love in the high concept flick Maid Droid (2023). Recently dumped by Julie (Kylee Michael) for his abusive behavior, Harrison soon finds himself sinking into a major depression. He's pulled out of his depression when he discovers a service called Maid Droid, which will provide him with a lifelike robotic maid named Mako (Faith West), designed to fulfill his every desire. However, once his abusive behavior resurfaces with Mako, she begins to fight back, something Harrison's never had to deal with before now! 

While it's hard to watch a movie with such an unlikable protagonist, the copious amounts of nudity from both female leads helps the medicine go down! Kylee Michael goes topless several times in the flick, while Faith West ditches her maid costume twice to reveal some terrific T'n'A! It looks like you just Maid a mess in your pants!