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Clown Fear

Clown Fear (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Clown Fear (2020) follows a bride with cold feet and her bridesmaids who all ran away from the wedding. They escape to a motel that is run by clowns. Literally. They aren't nice, happy clowns though. They are definitely killer clowns wielding knives and axes and looking for more victims. We're not clowning around when we say these babes are extremely hot! Nikki Kirs, Courtney Akbar, and Tiffani Fest all. Did you want to see more? Step right up and watch sexy Sarah French unleash her headlights onto this clown motel. Motel means mo boobs, too, when Augie Duke and Sadie Katz both bare their breasts, too. The clowns may be hams, but we're here for the hooters.