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Die Influencers Die

Die Influencers Die (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Die Influencers Die (2020) is the kind of film that you've been waiting for, one that takes the age of internet influencers to task with some old school slasher techniques! An obnoxious influencers named Stue (Frankie Rivers) assembles a group of his friends and fellow influencers for a trip to an abandoned movie studio on the outskirts of Las Vegas. What starts out as a fun time at an abandoned movie studio soon turns deadly when a killer clown named Moxie (Tabitha Stevens) is turned loose on the unsuspecting influencers and begins picking them off one by one. What seems at first like the murderous rampage of a killer clown woman is actually soon revealed to be a sinister plot by a mysterious benefactor known only as Otherworld Coyote (Lizzy Borden) who has been pulling the strings behind the scenes. As to the motives behind these grizzly killings, for that you're going to have to tune in to Die Influencers Die because we wouldn't dream of spoiling all the fun twists and turns that await you! The great news for skin fans is that the cast of this flick is chockablock with adult performers, none of whom have any qualms about showing plenty of skin! Tabitha Stevens kicks things off by going fully nude just 8 minutes in while taking a shower! 8 minutes later, Dana Wolf bares all three of her beautiful Bs while getting hosed down with liquor! Then there's an agonizing 36 minute wait for the next nude scenes, a steamy fully nude shower scene featuring the delightful Devhorra Dark