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Horse Girl

Horse Girl (2020)

Great Nudity!


Whoa, we’d love to ride a Horse Girl (2020) — especially if the creature in question refers to Alison Brie. Even though she’s a sexy brunette, the actress portrays a shy, awkward woman named Sarah in this R-rated flick. The psychological drama features Debby Ryan, Molly Shannon, John Ortiz, Paul Reiser, and Alison’s bare body! Since her character works in a craft store, she surprises her customers when she emerges from the back room in nothing but her birthday suit! As a result, they (and we) get to see Alison’s full frontal nudity! We’re talking naked knockers and a hugely hairy merkin. Now that’s what we call a crafty beaver! Seriously, this Horse Girl has quite a mane down there. Needless to say, Sarah is exhibiting strange (albeit arousing) behavior. She believes in alien abductions and wonders if her grandmother (who seemingly suffered from delusions) was actually sane. Regardless of the fictional woman’s status, Mr. Skin knows Ms. Brie is crazy hot! This is especially true when she grants us views of her nude boobs while making out with her lucky co-star John Reynolds. In fact, the fortunate actor gets to feel up her fab rack! Instead of holding his horses — he’s holding his Horse Girl’s girls! Not a bad day’s work if you ask us. When the pair of performers pretend to have sex, audience members can definitely peek at Alison’s pretty peaks while she’s underneath him. All in all, Alison will make you happy to be in the saddle!