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Borderline (2023)

Great Nudity!

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Charli (Kate Ly Johnston) suffers from a host of mental issues, most notably bipolar disorder, but her prescription meds make her sick, so she self-medicates with opioids and other reality-enhancing drugs. She uses the people in her life the same way, either to help her score or to help calm her erratic behavior, whether it be screaming at her mother for more money, hooking up with her boyfriend (Irmon Hill) and her roommate (Kylee Michael), or trading in kinky favors with a doctor (Quentin Boyer) at the hospital at which she somehow holds a job down as a nurse. But there longer she refuses to take her meds, the more she loses her grip on reality. Writer/director Rich Mallery gives the people what they want by coming up with many excuses to have star Kate show her T’n’A on screen, like standing in front of a mirror contemplating self harm, or being made to strip inn front of drug dealers to prove she isn’t wearing a wire. Same with Kylee, who changes in front of Kate and brushes her hair in the buff. And that drug dealer mentioned earlier? That’s Emma Jade, who also bares her breasts and bethonged booty cheeks while getting dressed. There’s more than enough nudity to cause a stirring south of your border!