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Camp Blood 8: Revelations

Camp Blood 8: Revelations (2020)

Great Nudity!

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Camp Blood 8: Revelations (2020) is yet another Dennis Devine horror movie that is simply divine. His lone film in the series that kicked off with Brad Sykes' 1999 flick Camp Blood, you're probably wondering what more could there be to reveal by the eight movie in the killer clown series. Other than more busty babe's boobs, of course. Well, in the eighth rendition of Camp Blood, a volleyball team take a wrong turn trying to shorten their time on the road heading to a tourny in Utah, and manage to break down and get lost in the woods. That's scary enough, but it gets way worse when they decide to split up, only to run into a killer clown (Kyle Ian Fisher) and his psycho mom (Sally Mullins), both of whom want these volleyball vixens dead. Eventually the volleyballers will enlist the help of a lonely survival expert (Shawn C. Phillips) and a ghost, but those two can't save them. Can our volleyball team escape? And most importantly, can they escape their clothes? As much as we wished the whole team served us up some skin, they mostly just run around in some tight tops. But while she's not on the team, and might be a bit older than the other ladies, the sexy Sally Mullins does manage to take off her top and let us ogle her toggles. She flashes her funbags at another woman a couple of times, then gives a big "how I became a villain" speech with her rack out, just chillin. Even if the blonde babe is not in her prime, taking a peek at that pair is well worth your time! But if you're looking for some less mature mammaries, the lovely Laura Dromerick kicks things off by sunbathing topless next to the broken down car, and seductively eating a banana as she does so. You'll keep your eyes peeled when those tits are revealed in Camp Blood 8: Revelations