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Seal of Desire

Seal of Desire (2022)

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Seal of Desire (2022) is a steamy romantic drama by writer, actor, and director Markiss McFadden who tells the story about a psychologist who does couples therapy using intuitive skills to suss out whether or not a spouse is cheating. He then uses these intuitive psychological powers to seduce the slighted wives who have been cheated on. However, he meets one woman who can do this even better than him and manages to out-manipulate him! Now he becomes hurt and betrayed - and filled with lust. This is a very steamy film that is filled with gorgeous women who take off their clothes. Jackie Moore makes us want more when we watch her ass as she disrobes to be totally naked in front of her man. He gets distracted by his laptop and claims that he has work to do. What?! Now? Jackie Moore is so hot and she is begging for it. Well, this is a film filled with cheaters and liars, so we know that he is lying. At least Jackie is being the real deal with that gorgeous booty. Christine Hughes plays Nora who shows her breasts AND her buns when she walks into the kitchen naked and gives her man a kiss. She looks tasty! Finally, Nadia Adem plays Emma Wilson who gets on top of Markiss' lap and goes for a ride. Check out that heart-shaped booty of hers as she grinds on his lap. Now that's a perfect ass. Her derriere is filling us with desire!