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Looks Can Kill

Looks Can Kill (2022)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Looks Can Kill (2022) is a horror film by director Jasmine Ebony Thomas which is all about models - hooray! However, it is indeed a horror film, so you know that some bad things happen to these models. That being said, they are hot and we get to check them out all throughout the film. The plot follows a group of models who are being killed off. The looks on the ladies in this movie are truly killer. Danielle Scott plays Rhonda Bettinthal who shows her boobs in a photoshoot that goes awry. She tries posing sexy, but the guys that she is posing for taking things way too far. We don't think that Danielle took things far enough - MORE skin, please. Zelda Zemzare plays a cheerleading model who models her hot naked body for a creepy photographer. She takes off her top to show off the tattoos on her back and on her shoulders. When she turns around, we see the big balloons that she has on her petite chest. Check out Zelda in her fire-engine red thong as the topless hottie feels herself for the camera. She then takes off her panties as she bends over and shows off her lips from behind. Her backburger is just as hot from the back as her vag looks from the front when she sits and poses on a couch. Plus there are sexy nude scenes from skintastic actresses Barbara Dabson and Mya Brown who wears her super sexy bikini. Killer!