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AIMEE: The Visitor

AIMEE: The Visitor (2023)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


When a computer programmer named Scott Keyes (Dallas Schaefer) teams up with hacker siblings Hunter (Felix Merback) and Gazelle (Faith West) to steal top-secret software and sell it online, they end up unlocking an advanced AI program in the form of a woman called AIMEE (Advanced Intimate Model of Euphoric Entertainment). Scott is instantly smitten, but Gazelle is suspicious and digs into the AI’s code to discover its dark purpose. Faith strips down and shows some T’n’A as her character tries to distract Scott away from AIMEE with sex, but AIMEE has eyes everywhere, even in the bathroom as Faith is in the shower. Plus there’s bonus full frontal from Liz Jordan and Lexi Lore during a virtual reality threesome that’ll turn your flaccid floppy disk into a rock hard drive!