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Romeo & Juliet Killers (2022)

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Anyone familiar with the ad-supported streaming service Tubi TV might be surprised to know that they're producing their own content like the Lovers on the Run flick Romeo and Juliet Killers (2022). Claiming that it is "Inspired by True Events," the film centers on spoiled rich girl Tylar (Leigha Sinnott) who is sick and tired of the seemingly endless restrictions placed on her life by her mother JoAnne (Kelly Sullivan). This escalates when Tylar falls madly in love with Boston (Zachary Roozen), the proverbial boy from the wrong side of the tracks. When JoAnne forbids Tylar from ever seeing Boston again, they hatch a plan to be together that will involve a series of murders, starting with that of Tylar's own mother! While we certainly weren't expecting much in the way of skin from a Tubi TV original, leading lady Leigha Sinnott goes spectacularly nude several times throughout the film, revealing her terrific T'n'A in a number of steamy scenes!