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Witchtrap (1989)

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A cheesy relic from the days of VHS horror, WitchTrap (1989) caused all sorts of confusion that hindered people's passion for the movie when it was released in the late 1980's. See, Night of the Demons (1988) director Kevin S. Tenney made a much better movie called Witchboard (1986) starring a ton of the same actresses as this one. When fans saw he was directing this incredibly similarly titles movie with some of the same actresses, they assumed it was a sequel. It's not though, and had to plaster that message all over the box so people would stop getting confused. In this one Judy Tatum is Agnes Goldberg, a paranormal researcher hired to exorcise the Lauder House (or, as the owner refers to it, "Slaughterhouse") Inn, of a malevolent entity that's living within its walls and has driven out every previous owner. Word on the weird street is that Avery Lauter (A.P. Luebsen), a magician and possible serial killer messed around with the spirit world and unleashed some bad stuff on the house before he died in it. Rounding out Agnes' exorcism team are "mental medium" Felix (Rob Zapple), "psychic medium" Whitney (Kathleen Bailey) and sexy video tech, Ginger (Linnea Quigley). After Agnes holds a séance with the crew, she accidentally unleashes Avery on the team and the magic man starts making people disappear. Our heroes may be searching for things that go bump in the night, but there'll be something going bump in your pants when you get a load of scream queen Linnea Quigley fully nude as she steps into and out of the shower. After watching that scene as a teen, Mr. Skin spent so long in the shower his parents thought he was trapped in there! But Linnea's not the only one who dumps em out. Judy Tatum shows her titties sitting in the bathtub and reading a book. After seeing those two lovely ladies in Witchtrap, the only question is which to fap to!