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Legally Exposed (1997)

Great Nudity!

Legally Exposed (2003) is a softcore spy flick about an ancient artifact that turns everyone who comes near it into an uncontrollable sex maniac. This ancient device, which is retrieved from a pyramid (complete with horny mummy Thao Nguyen) at the beginning of the film, is also somehow remote controlled, but logic is not why we watch these sorts of films. The reasons we watch are softcore starlets like Jacqueline Lovell and Kim Dawson, who fall under the artifact’s squishy, slippery spell.   The cast of Legally Exposed is like a who’s who of late night softcore skinema, with topless French maid Kira Reed going from horny to angry at the push of a button, Jacqueline Lovell fully nude in a board room, Leigh Ann Garrett rubbing her duckie in a bathtub, and a lucky dude going downtown on Sita Renne Thompson. Legally Exposed also sports more Sapphic scenes than you can shake a dick at, with Bo Zena and Gina Garcia studying human anatomy during a lesbian library lickathon, Jacqueline and nudecomer Shae Harlow as scissor sisters, and Jacqueline doubling the dykey fun getting her grind on with pink-socked Kim Dawson. Legally Exposed will put a gavel in your briefs!

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