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Gossip (2000)

No Nudity

Top Scene


A beautiful college campus becomes a battleground when a vicious rumor leads to ruin for one co-ed in Gossip (2000), a Gen-X drama revolving around the exploits of Derrick (James Marsden), Travis (Norman Reedus), and Cathy (Lena Headey), three college roommates and their assholish ability to spread rumors. The troublemaking trio decides to use their collective talents for a class project, gossiping that Beau (Joshua Jackson), a fellow classmate, fornicated with Naomi (Kate Hudson), a notoriously virginal babe. As the ruthless rumor begins to spread, the details of the deflowering begin to take a life of its own. When the gossiped about girl is found dead, the treacherous trio begin to crack as they try to clear their consciences and fix their murderous mistakes. Unfortunately, this teen thriller doesn’t have any nude filler. The only masturbatory moments come in the form of a braless Kate and her protruding nips dotting her thin blouse, along with another scene of a quick panty shot during a tussle. Mr. Skin would love to spread Kate’s rumor!