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Girl Next

Girl Next (2021)

Great Nudity!

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For young and successful Lorian West (Lacey Cofran), it seems like just like any other day going to the mall, until she is grabbed and thrown into the back of a van!  When she wakes up, she is tied to a bed, drugged up, confused, and wondering what the hell she is doing out in the middle of nowhere in a farmhouse with only a tiny silk slip on.  When she tries to escape, she meets her captors Heinrich (Marcus Jean Pirae) and Misha (Paula Marcenaro Solinger) and learns of their terrible plot and their cottage industry of creating "Sofia" dolls.  You see, poor Lorian has been snared by a couple of evil human traffickers, but their evil goes even a step further as they have created a brain washing system that drugs and mentally tortures young women like her into being submissive dolls for whomever wants to buy one of them from this mad scientist and his evil henchwoman/partner in crime.  The only thing different about Lorian though, is that she has an impressive will to survive and begins to play their game a bit herself, seducing the evil doctor and Misha, then does her best to turn the mind games against them with the help of another captive, Charlotte (Rachel Alig).  We get an amazing Nude-Comer debut from Lacey Cofran!  We also get a busty Kristen Marie Perry coming in with a Nude-Comer debut as well, but hers is a bit less tasteful as she's a hovering dead body with a boob hanging out.  Lastly, modern scream queen Rachel Alig shows some pokies and panties while dressed like Wednesday Addams and evil dominatrix-esque Paula Marcenaro Solinger spends plenty of time in her undies and we later discover she has the most realistic prosthetic penis we've ever seen on film!  Still though, she is fine even with that dangler between her legs!