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Anyone But You

Anyone But You (2023)

Great Nudity!

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Director Will Gluck (Easy A) and writer Ilana Wolpert try to bring Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing into the modern era with this loose adaptation about a love/hate relationship. Ben (Glen Powell) and Bea (Sydney Sweeney) spent one amazing night together, but then it all fell apart and now they can’t stand each other. They are reunited at a destination wedding in Australia that also has two of their exes in attendance. To make his ex jealous and stop her ex from wanting to get back together, they pretend to be a couple, but they soon discover that there’s still a burning attraction underneath all that seething hatred. The film famously shot in shark-infested waters, made even more dangerous by dangling a tasty dish like Sydney over them. She dons a skimpy bikini that can barely contain her voluptuous curves, nips out in a silk evening gown while recreating a scene from Titanic, and there’s a close up of her perfectly-shaped posterior in a pair of spandex shorts. However, Ms. Sweeney's real money shot comes when she and Powell share a shower together and we get a brief look at Sydney's amazing left breast! Australian model Charlee Fraser ends up stealing Sydney's thunder by baring both of her breasts at the beach! It's insane to think we'd go into any movie starring Sydney Sweeney and looking longingly at Anyone But Her, but this turned out to be a truly pleasant surprise! Sydney Sweeney nude plus a Charlee Fraser nude debut? No wonder this movie was such a hit!