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Gabriela, Cravo e Canela (1983)

Great Nudity!

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Things are done differently in the hotspot known as Brazil. A blend of European decadence and aboriginal passion, the mixed-race natives of South America’s largest nation can’t be bothered to trouble themselves with notions of sexual propriety, which is why the country’s most popular and powerful starlet of cinema is tantalizingly comfortable showing bush in at least three separate instances in one single movie, which is the enchanting case with sultry sensation Sonia Braga as the humping headliner in Gabriela (1983). Italian paragon of Latin loving Marcello Mastroianni is at his cool, befuddled best as the barkeep who hires Braga to work his joint, falls in lust, marries her, then beats her and sends her on her way when he catches her working some other fella’s joint. To what depths of erotic desperation will Mastroianni not sink in his quest to win back Braga?


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