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Histórias Que Nossas Babás Não Contavam

Histórias Que Nossas Babás Não Contavam (1979)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


In a sexy spoof of the old Snow White story, this Brazilian film tells the same story of a queen who questions her mirror on whether someone is prettier than her or not. Her husband, the king, passes away, and naturally she assumes that her lover, the prince, will be her new husband. The prince has other plans, like marrying her stepdaughter. The angered queen hires someone to have sex with the stepdaughter and murder her, but the plan fails. The stepdaughter then runs away to live with 7 dwarves, and all of the dwarves, except one gay one, sleep with her. When the prince comes to take her away, she decides to stay with the dwarves.

The beautiful and exotic Adele Fátima plays the Snow White counterpart, Clara das Neves. Throughout the film we get good shots of butt and boobs, including one memorable scene in a waterfall. Meiry Vieira also delivers the goods when she’s in bed with a man and a roomful of people watch. These Brazilians sure know how to retell a fairy tale.