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Viva Zapato!

Viva Zapato! (2002)

Great Nudity!


A Cuban dancer named Delores decides to leave her marriage to open up a restaurant with her aunt in beachside Brazil. She tells the aunt her plan and instead of getting the start up money, the aunt only sends her a pair of shoes, which Delores, fully pissed off, immediately sells for some extra cash. Later she finds out that all of the money was actually in the heel of the shoes. Now she’s scouring the city to find the shoes she sold for nearly nothing. The story follows her throughout the city of Havana, meeting a sordid cast of characters along the path to her dreams.

Paula Burlamaqui plays a dancer named Trini and she divulges a healthy portion of her jugs in a couple of scenes. Backstage she’s making kissyface with a dude, who, in a later scene, she bangs, and we see her wobblers in action. Laura Ramos plays the main character, Delores. She bares her boobs too while getting it on in the bedroom. If for nothing else, check out this flick for the ravishing Laura Ramos.