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Rosario Tijeras

Rosario Tijeras (2005)

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It’s Medellín, Colombia, circa 1989, and fine Flora Martinez — also known as Rosario Tijeras (2005) — is a real hit. Make that, a real hit woman! This dangerous dame is an alluring assassin with a killer body. And she’s working through her demons, one savage snuffing at a time. Full of hatred for the dirty snakes who’ve used and abused her all of her life, Señorita Tijeras uses her job as a sicario for the drug lords to get revenge on this wicked world. In fact, she’s so good at being no good that she becomes something of a legend for her ability to seduce her prey and then slay them when they think they’ve got a chance of getting laid. The French have a term for a woman like this and it’s “femme fatale” but the Spanish word must be Rosario Tijeras! As such, we are treated to repeated views of Ms. Martinez’s nude boobs. The luscious Latina flashes her rack 12 minutes into the flick. Wait another minute and you can see the topless hottie donning black briefs as she gazes at her gorgeous self in the mirror. If that’s not arousing enough, Flora flaunts her naked T&A while seducing a dude. More shots of the spicy starlet’s bare breasts and bearded clam are peppered throughout the motion picture. As an extra-added bone-us, a kinky stripper (Lina Marcela Parra) shows us her three Bs while performing a lap dance on a corpse. Yes, she gives this stiff a stiffy!