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Eight Days a Week

Eight Days a Week (1999)

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Before Keri Russell was Felicity, the hottest girl in college, and way before she was Elizabeth Jennings, the hottest Russian spy on The Americans, she played Erica, the hottest girl in town in the film Eight Days a Week (1999). What town? Doesn't matter, she'd be the hottest girl in any town. Keri is Erica, the insanely sexy girl next door of the nerdy new high school grad Peter (Josh Schaefer). Naturally, she has a jerk of a boyfriend (Jonny Green), but that doesn't stop Peter from falling in love with her. Since she's taken and he's a dweeb, Erica won't give Peter a chance. But after his grandpa tells him about some old ancestor who camped under his Italian lover's balcony to woo her over, with no other ideas, he decides to camp out on her front lawn for the three summer months before she leaves for college, hoping to prove how much he loves her. But it ends up his basic suburban neighborhood has a lot of weird stuff going on when you're paying attention to it. While he deals with all that wackiness, the question remains whether his on the lawn quest will get him the romantic attention of his dream girl. Obviously, you should never attempt this move in the real world unless you want to get a dad delivered beatdown or end up in jail, but things seem to work out pretty well for Peter. Not only does he get to watch Catherine Hicks, best known for playing the mom on Seventh Heaven, jiggle out of her bra and slip a bit of nip after doing some aerobics, but he watches Keri run through the sprinklers in a see through, wet white tee shirt, lounge in her yard in a bikini, and best of all he sees a bit of her boob before he bones her! We were pitching a tent, but not in her yard, to Keri Russell's work in Eight Days a Week!