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Red Silk

Red Silk (1999)

Great Nudity!


Lina Romay and Christie Levin are a pert pair of private dicks hot on the trail of a bunch of smugglers in Red Silk (1999), another erotic romp from Spanish cultster Jesus Franco. This one's more comedic than his usual fare, but it's still got his trademark bared wares: Lina and Chris share beans, butt, and bush . . . with each other! When they're not busy investigating lady parts, the pair is getting to the bottom of their caseā€”but it turns out to be more than they'd bargained for, and they end up caught up in a big old mess. There's blackmail, art theft, kidnapping, and people snuffing afoot, and Chris and Lina will have to rely on their wits to get out on the double . . . or else they'll be up to their tits in trouble!