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Getting Lucky

Getting Lucky (1990)

Great Nudity!

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Irish eyes will be smiling and another part of the anatomy will be rising while watching Getting Lucky (1990). Also known as Wish Me Luck, Michael Paul Girard’s teen sex comedy centers around a nerdy guy (don’t they all?) named Bill Higgins (Steven Cooke). The awkward young dude is working as a gym towel boy to earn money for med school when he discovers a drunken leprechaun (aren’t they all?) named Lepkey (Garry Kluger). Bill, a do-gooder at heart, wants to open up a health clinic. His dream also includes marrying his high school crush, who is a cheerleader (aren’t they all?), called Krissi (Lezlie Z. McCraw). Lepkey tries to grant Bill his wishes. Unfortunately, the little guy’s powers are a little off. And, like an episode of Bewitched, Bill has to deal with the consequences of magical mayhem. If that’s not challenging enough, thuggish jock Tony (Rick McDowell) gives him a hard time in a bad way. Fortunately, Krissi is around to give us a hard time in a good way. The blonde babe flashes her ass (and a bit of bush) while fooling around in the grass with her meathead man just 15 minutes into the movie. Breast of all, Ms. McCraw bares her boob during a make out session in a parked car at the drive-in. Now, that’ll stick in your McCraw! If that’s not hot enough, Babette (Jean Stewart) shows off her three Bs when Lepkey gets stuck in her panties. Talk about the luck of the drawers!