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Demigod (2021)

No Nudity

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Demigod (2021) is a scary film by writer and director Miles Doleac who cowrote it with his writing partner Michael Donovan Horn. This movie make you horn-y, but we will get to that in a minute. A woman and her hubby go back to her ancestral homeland in Germany because she has inherited her family's old house. Her husband is American and while she is Americanized, she knows about the scary German traditions much more than he does. While they are there, they are reminded of a tale about the winter solstice bringing supernatural hunters to the woods that want to hunt people. What exactly is hunting them and is this legend real? Well, it's a horror movie! That means that the legend is, of course, real...and it is coming to get them. Rachel Nichols stars as the leading lady, Robin Murphy (some German name), but she does not go nude. She is too busy running from the hunters in the cold to take off her sweaters and coats. Leave the nudity to Elena Sanchez who plays Latara. Her nudity is brief, but if you squint you can see it. She is sitting in the woods naked at night, so everything is dark and slightly obscured by wiry tree branches. She appears to be sitting on the ground in the buff, so you can just barely make out her butt crack! Demigod may be a scary movie filled with frights, but this look at Elena Sanchez will give you a demi-chub.