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Hacksaw (2020)

No Nudity

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A Hacksaw, as it turns out, is a pretty handy tool for just about any kind of cutting you need to do.  Lobbing off tree branches, sawing 2x4s, or chopping off unsuspecting people's limbs and heads!  Well, that is what long-gone serial killer Ed "Hacksaw" Crowe used to do to his victims when they fell into his clutches.  You see, Ed is a bit of a serial killer urban legend cause after he died, they sealed up his murder lair in the building he occupied and people come from all over to try and see the house of horror in person.  When young and newly engaged couple Ashley (Amy Cay) and Tommy (Brian Patrick Butler), a road trip to Ashley's hometown to tell her family that they are engaged seems like it's going to be a nice little lovers vacation across the country and a perfect opportunity to see Hacksaw's building, which is now a tourist destination.  The only problem for these two is that Tommy doesn't just want to see the outside of the building, he wants to try and get INTO the building to see if any horror shows still exist in there.  Once he shimmies up a ladder and through an entrance, the couple soon find that ol' Hacksaw isn't just NOT dead, he's still alive and actively chopping people up like he's just entering his murderin' prime!  Lucky for us though, Ashley is a resourceful and knows how to use a electric reciprocating saw her, and we get a good shot of Amy Cay's huge rack in a white tank top getting splattered with blood while she hacks away at a body!  Also, newfound scream queen, Cortney Palm, shows some pokies in a brief scene as her sister.